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              Clemco Model 2.0/3.0 Cu. Ft. Portable Blast Machine Economy Package

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              Size Below::
              CLEMCO Model 1642 (2 Bag) & Model 1648 (3 Bag) Portable Blast Machine
                                    "No Frills" Package With 1" Pipe String Includes:
              • 1" Separator/Filter With Manual Drain
              • TMP-5 (5/16") Blast Nozzle
              • TLR-100 Remote Controls With RLX Remote Handle
              • FSV Abrasive Metering Valve
              • 50 Ft. x 1" ID Blast Hose, Coupled
              • Blast Hose Safety Cable
              • Apollo 600 HP Helmet
              • 50 Foot Respirator Hose Coupled
              • CPF-20 Air Filter With Regulator     

              (Unit Does Not Include Lenses, Coupling Washers or Nozzle Washers, Exhaust Screens, Sifting Screen, Poly Cover, Cool Air Tube, Or Blast Gloves)          

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